It's Going to Be Alright
One Thousand Lights (Mellow Drunk 2006)

I'm wasted and tired
I've no words to speak
The days run together
Haven't slept for a week

Won't you tell me Won't you tell me
that you'll be there
I've traveled a long ways -- miles to go, I'd like to know if you still care

The road looks so empty
Just after sunset
I can't hardly focus
I won't give in just yet

Can I tell you
Can I tell you how I feel?
O I'm so confused now can't tell what is fantasy from what is real

The dawn is now breaking
The sky is a dome
The stars disappearing
Leaving me all alone

Will I see you
Will I see you sometime tonight
Don't know if I'm ready
I stand in the light I've waited for years now just to hear you say it's going to be all right

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