Cut Me to Pieces
Low Life (EP)
One Thousand Lights (Mellow Drunk, 2006)

Ever since I was 17, just one thought, one dream always eluded me
Playing a familiar game, selling out but just the same I'm broke again

Now you said I would never make it, too scared -- merely faking it
You cut me to pieces then

All the drugs and the alcohol, crawling up and down that wall was never fun
The mistakes that I have made, right or wrong, I'm not afraid of failure now

O those words can really break you, but you're gone, never take you on
You cut me to pieces then

Feeling tried -- now I feel so spent, don't know where the hours went over the years
Still my vision is intact, who I am and where I'm at will never change

Carry on -- time passes quickly, I'll never forget you really ripped me yeah
You cut me to pieces then
I thought that you were my friend
You cut me to pieces then

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