Bigger Fish to Fry
Rainy Season Never Ends (2007)

I was walking to the park 5:53
The dog end another day extracts its fee
But in truth it didn't matter much to me

I saw lovers on the bridge walk hand in hand
Wish I could have defected and joined that band
Gone solo -- I know alone I'll make my stand
Once number one now I'm shipwrecked on dry land

They say lovers look before the fatal leap
A common fact I've noted on a midnight creep

I stood on the riverbank 7:05
Wondered if I was awake barely alive
The Eye twists round, revelations going by
As John said there are bigger fish to fry

They say one and one will never equal three
Tell me where your reality might be
Did you read Lamentations 23?
Tell me where your reality might be

Staggered back to the Borough 12:20

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