Leigh with Peter at the Vegan Pub in Brighton


Rainy Season Never Ends cover

Rainy Season Never Ends
Green Fuse 2007 (002)

Song list:
Rowena is Queen (mp3)
From Afar
Rainy Season Never Ends (mp3)
Running Through the Fields
Guiding Light (mp3)
Watch the Ripples
The Way it Must Be
Bigger Fish to Fry
Faith Healer
Traveling (mp3)

Personnel for Rainy Season Never Ends:
Leigh Gregory: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Burtt B.: Mandolin
Stephen Cavoretto: Backing vocals, trumpet, keyboards
Clay Hawkins: Lap Steel, percussion
Aaron Kerr: Cello
Fionnuala Ni Chiosoig: Violin, backing vocals
Erik Pearson: Flute

Recorded and mixed by Leigh Gregory and Damien Rasmussen in San Francisco, CA 2007

Rest Your Weary Head cover

Rest Your Weary Head
Green Fuse 2003 (001)

Song list:
Glad Day
In the Pouring Rain
Rest Your Weary Head (mp3)
The Prisoner
I Will Not Be Waiting
I Hear Your Calling (by Bill Fay) (mp3)
One More Wish
Tell Me Where You Come From
The Book of Hours
When I Saw You There
Day After Day (mp3)
Till The Summer's Gone
A Christmas Song (mp3 )

Personnel for Rest Your Weary Head:
Leigh Gregory: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Stephen Cavoretto: Backing vocals, Hammond organ, trumpet
Jeff Crandall: Backing vocals
Bonni Evensen: Accordion
Aaron Kerr: Cello
Patrick Hennessy: Drums & percussion
Rick Wilson: Bass

Recorded and mixed by Leigh Gregory and Rick Wilson in San Francisco, CA 2003. Additional engineering by Randy Guildersleeve

Acoustic Lounge cover

The Acoustic Lounge Compilation Volume l
(Acoustic Lounge/MGM)

Love Goes On cover

Love Goes On: A Tribute to Grant McLennan
(Rare Victory! Records)

Listen to Mellow Drunk's cover of "Boundary Rider" on the Rare Victory! Records MySpace page.

Mellow Drunk
One Thousand Lights (release TBA)
Low Life (EP, Green Fuse Records)
A Different Color On My Door (EP, Green Fuse/Ochre)
Never Sleep at Night (Ochre Records)
Everybody Knows You're A Star (EP, Green Fuse Records)
Always Be Drunk (Green Fuse Records)

Additional Downloads:

From the Chapdelaine Sessions (1990-1991)
The End (mp3)
Perth (Gregory/Dube) (mp3)
Queen of Siam (mp3)
Black Pearls (mp3)

Demos (various)
The Queen of the South (mp3)
What was on Your Mind (Gregory/Cavoretto) (mp3)
A Different Color on My Door (mp3)
Flaming Torch (Peter Perrett) (mp3)
Very Strange Times (mp3)

Leigh with Rhys

Other Recordings:

Over the years I've recorded lots of stuff and I'll frequently get emails wondering, say, what happened with the sessions you did in Connecticut in 1990? I've been collecting some of the best sessions I've done on a year to year basis and re-mastering them so please check the site to see what's available.

Guitarwork on Other Projects:

Over the past few years I've played on a few other projects. You can find me playing guitar on the following releases:

Missy Roback: Just Like Breathing
Snowy: Lilywhite
Swallows: Songs for Strippers (and other professions)
Thinland: Tracing the Cracks