Leigh, Lloyd and Dana

David Agasi
American photographer living in Japan. You know his work if you've seen the covers for the Mellow Drunk releases Always Be Drunk and the Everybody Knows You're Star EP. David has done all the photos for my new CD "Rainy Season Never Ends" (2007).

CD Baby
CD Baby and i-Tunes now feature Mellow Drunk's first CD "Always Be Drunk," as well as my very first band, the Products, one and only CD "Fast Music." Available on CD or as downloads.

The Dispossessed
My band from the mid-eighties. Visit the band's MySpace Page and check out drummer Charles Dube's video for the song "Sister Mary"

Heyday Mail Order
Fine UK purveyor of all things Leigh Gregory/Mellow Drunk and related.

Karmic Hit Records
Top Oz Indy Label

Mellow Drunk Official Band Site

Mellow Drunk MySpace Page

Colin Murray
London Painter

Ochre Records
UK label that put out Mellow Drunk's second full-length CD "Never Sleep at Night"

The Plough and the Stars Pub
116 Clement Street (at 2nd Ave.)
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 751-1122

Rare Victory Records
Mellow Drunk have just put the finishing touches on Grant McLennan's song "Boundary Rider" from the Go-Betweens final record "Oceans Apart," which will be featured on the upcoming "Love Goes On" tribute to Grant.

Vollwert Records
Leigh Gregory/Mellow Drunk distributer in Berlin

Vollwert Records MySpace page
Edition 59: Vollwert Record's singles label

Yorkhill Project
The Yorkhill Project's "Doing for the Kids" compilation features songs by both Leigh Gregory and Mellow Drunk

Visit the Yorkhill Project MySpace page