I have been singing, playing guitar and writing songs for more years now than I can remember. Over the past decade my band Mellow Drunk released three full-length CDs, three EPs and one single, while as a solo artist Iíve released the largely acoustic CDs Rest Your Weary Head (Green Fuse) and Rainy Season Never Ends (Green Fuse/Vollwert Records Berlin). My full-on story/concept CD 1973 (Green Fuse/Vollwert Records Berlin) was released in 2009. Iím currently playing guitar and singing with my latest project Memoryís Mystic Band and have been working on the follow-up to Rainy Season Never Ends, tentatively entitled From a Flat Inside the Fog, during my wee, spare hours.

News & Updates

Winter/Spring 2010

Memory’s Mystic Band
Memory’s Mystic Band started off as an acoustic project and grew out of me inviting various friends to play at the shows I’ve been doing since 2006 at the Plough & the Stars Pub in San Francisco. We’ve transitioned into a more electric outfit at this point and in addition to myself on guitar and vocals Steven Cavoretto plays keys and sings, Ville Vilpponen plays bass and his brother Jaakko plays drums. Our first single, which featured a cover version of Nikki Sudden’s ďAmbulance Station,Ē was released by Edition 59 in October 2009.

Here are some links for the project:

1973 was released towards the end of 2009 and is a twelve song (to reflect the twelve months of the year) concept CD about a young boy, Luke, growing into manhood in the early 70s.

Hereís a description of the story/CD:

Itís 1973 and Luke is 15. As the January unfolds Luke: looks forward to what 1973 will bring; falls in love with Mary, a devoutly Catholic Girl; goes through a personal rebellion inspired by his favorite musical heroes; realizes his desire for Mary will remain unrequited; gets arrested for possession of a certain substance; be dismissed by his peers as a spacey daydreamer when heís really composing songs in his mind; meets Audrey Ramsey, a local girl who follows touring bands; ruminates on the passing year as he takes long walks home at night; receives the news that Mary has gone missing, last seen waiting at a bus stop one December evening; makes the decision that at 16 heíll leave home and try his luck at living out his dreams in the big city.

There is a site for the recording at: www.myspace.com/leighgregory1973

Green Fuse Records
Green Fuse Records has been expanding and tentatively should have its first vinyl compilation out late spring 2010. Green Fuse is the label that has issued my solo recordings, as well as some of the Mellow Drunk releases. There is a new website for the label and itís at: www.greenfuserecords.com

Interviews with Dirty Sexy Karma
Iíve now done a couple of interviews with the lovely Terri at Dirty Sexy Karma. If you care to check them out feel free to click on: dirtysexykarma.blogspot.com

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